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I'm Warren Lebovics, a Product Designer from Toronto. I moved to San Francisco to lead design with Refresh: a Silicon Valley startup that got acquired by LinkedIn in April 2015. I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a specialization in Digital Arts Communication. Before that I co-founded Triggr, worked with several well-known companies (Sony, Blackberry, etc.), and launched over 40 Android apps in under a year. When I'm not pushing pixels, I can be found strumming away at my guitar, skipping leg day at the gym, or dropping the gloves in a hockey game.

Defining the content experience on LinkedIn

Earlier this year, my team brought likes on comments and replies on comments to LinkedIn.

Most recently, I designed the Interest Feed experience. This includes topical feeds, tagged articles, and editorially curated storylines to help consumers hone in on relevant and topical professional information. Coming to a device near you in December 2016.

Leading an idea to an acquisition with Refresh
Refresh helped deliver insights and create deeper connections with friends and colleagues. My role was to make the experience beautiful, intuitive, and user-friendly. With a co-designer, we led 10+ products from ideation to implementation, including but not limited to: mobile product design, desktop product design, company rebranding, consumer product design, and enterprise product design.
Building a product suite with Sony
I established a design language that was used in a suite of Sony Creative Software desktop apps. I put the system to the test in Catalyst Browse, a file management app I designed from start to finish.
Listening to our members with Triggr
Triggr started as a complex problem with an equally complex solution. After putting our MVP out to the public, our member feedback inspired a simple solution - mobile notifications on your desktop.
Connecting bakers to local stores with MarMo
Local coffee shops and small business owners have a difficult time finding small food suppliers. Meanwhile, these small food suppliers don't have the resources to connect to local shops and stores. We created a marketplace that kills two birds with one stone.
Running an e-commerce experience with Scruffy Tees
It started as a creative outlet and turned into something bigger. From designing apparel and building an e-commerce product to managing customer service and dropshipping, it's been a great learning experience.
More projects on Dribbble
Check out more of my projects, including: products, freelance, motion, illustrations, and explorations on Dribbble.

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